about us


Above all, Michael Nash is community of residential building professionals.

For over 25 years, our unique high-performance work culture has been shaped by the personal needs of local homeowners, who have consistently challenged us to expand our capabilities, and who have, likewise, honored us with their confidence in our ability to satisfy their always-evolving requirements.

Those who have followed this firm’s progress from the start tell us that one of our enduring contributions has been to make both home improvement and custom home building a homeowner-friendly experience.

As a market leader, we were one of the first design-build companies in northern Virginia to aggressively develop dealer relationships—and to make it a policy to pass on our cost for materials, products and accessories directly to you, our customer.

Along these lines, we the area’s first licensed contractors to introduce a comprehensive showroom– a useful consumer research facility that now features over 22 fully assembled displays.

Our passion for building, moreover, has frequently resulted in home remodeling solutions admired by other professionals. Over the past ten years we’ve won more “Contractor of the Year” (COTY) awards than any other firm in greater Washington, DC, and our work has often been featured in local, regional and national newspapers and magazines.

Servicing clients—that is, following a client’s call-to-action in directions where our service is wanted—is, of course, the impetus that led directly to the formation of our custom home building unit: Michael Nash Design Build and Homes. And, here again, we’ve concentrated on pledge to surpass client expectation as the fundamental driver of our reputation with new prospects.

With many new homes to our credit—each custom-designed to optimize the characteristics of a building site our client has chosen—it’s fair to say we’ve embraced all the proficiencies that distinguish custom building from remodeling. But, more importantly, we’ve planted our flag in this highly specialized area of residential building in a way that’s entirely consistent with “better-value” equation customers have always expected of us.

So what should you expect from us when your plans call for building a custom home on your own lot?

Simply put– commitment, in-house talent, lots of budget-sensitive options and the company-wide concern for your satisfaction that has always typified the Michael Nash brand.

Add to this, our growing repertoire of architectural, engineering and interior design skills, and our assurance that your house will be unique, perfectly sighted and enduring and you get the picture: it’s your dream house.

Let’s start the conversation today, and make it happen.